12 key advantages of SharePoint


SharePoint, a web application framework for content management and document management is a Microsoft product, first launched in 2001. Developed in ASP.net platform, today this ECM (Enterprise Content Management) application is offered also in cloud and it comes bundled with Office 365.
Below are 12 key advantages of SharePoint—
1.Enterprises can protect the integrity of their data and documents from any kind of unauthorized use. They can manage access to their sites, folders, files, web apps and so on with the help of this platform.

2.It’s a central storage of all the enterprise documents. It not only stores the work files generated during the course of operation but also stores the mails, to and fro, and the digital marketing contents.

3.It has a language support of more than 35 languages. MNCs can definitely make the most of this feature but that will obviously need some kind of customisation. SharePoint is customisable and there are companies who offer such services.

4.It can consolidate all the extranet, intranet and internet sites under one platform so that the content managers or administrators can have full access to all sort of contents.

5.It provides inputs for Business Intelligence (BI).

6.It can create private sites for different departments where the user access will be limited to the members only.

7.It can even retrieve accidentally deleted documents.

8.It can increase organisational productivity and reduce man-hours spent in searching documents and files as the platform maintains a categorically arranged document library.

9.Administrators can set alert if a document has been modified by any user. SharePoint also enables them to retrieve the old file if needed.

10.It can link calendars and contacts with Outlook.

11.The documents stored in SharePoint can be viewed online by the team members from any computer. There is no need to use VPN.

12.It has a flexible, service-oriented architecture that can be scaled down or up, as and when required. That means you can reduce it to a single computer or expand it to as many computers as you want.

These are all basic features. Customisation can add more. If you seek more information on this, please contact us and learn how we can help you implement SharePoint in your organisation