2 remarkable enterprise solutions from Microsoft

Microsoft 200 X 200

Smart IT solutions not only boost the business operation but also increase ROI. Microsoft has too many solutions in its coterie and hardly there’s any aspect of IT that is not catered by this tech giant.

Although they could not beat SAP or Oracle in ERP and SalesForce in CRM, it has two remarkable enterprise solutions we can swear by.


Of all the ECM solutions, SharePoint is considered to be the best for the array of facilities it provides. Besides it’s available in a number of flexible packaging.
1. You can get it bundled with Office 365 as a cloud solution if you do not want it to be on-premises. Many enterprises nowadays are preferring cloud IT since it provides a better safety of data, multiple user access and accessibility from anywhere.

2. If you don’t want it to be clubbed with Office, you can simply opt for the SharePoint online service. Your employees can share documents and information within the team or with customers. The ECM will keep the record of everything.

3. If your scale of operation is huge and you have multiple locations and multiple channels as well, you can deploy on-premises SharePoint server to manage ECM, personal site, newsfeed, enterprise search etc.

It stands for Microsoft Business Intelligence. It’s a suite which is comprised of tools that help companies to get the best solution in BI and data mining. It banks on SQL Server and Visual Studio.

MSBI is normally divided into integration, analytical and reporting services. First, it acquires data from all the applications implemented in the business process and stores it all in a centralised database.

Then it creates an analytically processed database, CUBE. From CUBE the BI application develops reports, scorecards, dashboards and plans.

BI reports reflect the performance of the company such as its current market penetration, revenue earning and mark the loopholes as well.

With a BI report a company can get a comprehensive view of exactly where they stand so that they can strategize and reorganise for better.

These exclusive applications are not as simple as an office suite. First of all implementation cannot be done in a wink and secondly customisation is required if an enterprise wants to make the most out of them.

If you want to know more about these two solutions, please contact us and learn how we can help you implement in your organisation.