5 Business IT solutions that have shaken the world

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The age of e-commerce has made it essential for all the businesses to take IT issues too seriously. You can optimally streamline your business operations by implementing proper IT solutions. There are a number of software and applications, specially designed to make business processes hassle-free, secured and more data-empowered than ever.

Proper IT solutions can simply turn around a business when effectively implemented. Here are 5 solutions that have truly shaken the world.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management

Whether you are a confectioner or a software company, Customer is the King and a CRM software stores and monitor all sorts of customer data. It keeps the record of all the emails, orders, invoices, customers’ KYC and provides support to automate sales processes. Tracking the complete customer history and blocking frauds have never been so easy.

Big Data analysis

Everyday your business process generates a volume of raw data. A Big Data application stores it all and apply certain tested statistical techniques to find correlation between the important variables of your business. The aim of this solution is to locate the vulnerabilities so that you can take actions accordingly and reduce risks.

Mobile Apps

If you are running a business in 2015 and you do not have an enterprise mobile app, you are almost handicapped. Customers today are more inclined to buy products or services through the dedicated enterprise apps and you can get better retention, more conversions and of course complete control over your customers. Besides it is an effective tool for brand building.

Enterprise Resource Management

ERP is a kind of umbrella IT solution that skillfully integrates all the processes inside an organisation and creates a master database that shows all and keeps everything right on the fingertips. It provides an accurate view of the existing resources, their potential and utilisation so that you can make realistic sales forecasting and business projections.

Business Intelligence

A Business Intelligence or BI application captures all forms of raw data generated internally as well as externally and transform them into a structured format so that business analysis and strategy formulation become easy. From product innovation to human resource management, it can provide you a comprehensive view of the existing scenario so that you can find avenues of escalation.

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