5 reasons to invest on custom business apps


Needless to say, when something is tailor-made for you that will obviously serve you better than an off-the-shelf one. It’s true for business software also.
Living in an age of e-commerce and cloud, you just cannot go on without smart IT solutions and if you want to make the most out of them, invest on developing customized business applications, made-to-order just for you.
If you are wondering why, please go through—
Implementation of a custom application is always followed by a continued maintenance provided by the developer agency as long as you’d require. These agencies always remain a call away and provide prompt service whenever you are in need.
This facility is not available with the off-the-shelf ones. Mostly those are MNC products and even placing a request for a service call can be a cumbersome process.
Any customized solution does come with the scalability option. You can resize, scale up and down as and when required since developing agencies make contracts that way.
Off-the-shelf ones do not have that flexibility.
Enhanced security
Since it’s a customized application, enhancing the security and making it completely threat-proof is possible. Hackers can breach the security system of common software since those are used by millions. They get familiar with the functionalities and that helps them to pierce through.
A customized application have a unique security system, providing the business data and process a better safety than a picked-up one.
Cost saving
Implementation of custom apps saves hardware acquisition costs. Purchased licensed software often makes the buyer spend additionally for new hardware since many of these applications run on certain specific configurations.
In case of a custom app, the agency develops it compatible to the existing hardware.
In conjunction with the process
The best benefit of a custom app is, you place the order mentioning the features and details of the existing process so that developers can create one that goes in conjunction with the software already implemented.
Whereas it becomes difficult to make a number of off-the-shelf software gel with each other. And if you go for the suites, that will cost you a lot.

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