6 key roles played by an ECM solution

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ECM or enterprise content management is a systematic governance of full life-cycle of all contents generated as a part of or in connection with the operation of an organisation. It can be an internal correspondence, an external communication, a digital marketing content, a social media response, made by a prospect or customer and so on.

Although companies used to manage their contents even before the computers and internet, the new-age technology has made the job far easier than before. Besides since the sources of content generation have increased in number and the processes too have become far more complex, it is not easy to keep track and manage all important information without a streamlined application.

This is how an ECM solution comes in handy. Below are 6 key roles that it plays within an organisation.

  • Each and every content that originates in the course of business operation is captured and stored for any kind of future retrieval or modification until its permanent deletion. ECM takes care of this full cycle that an enterprise content passes through.
  • With automated digital archiving of documents, contemporary ECM solution makes sure that no single content is ignored or lost.
  • Apart from managing intranets, it can also monitor and manage contents emerging from different channels of business communications, be it B2B, B2G or G2B. The idea is to ensure that all sorts of communications are stored.
  • Since ECM takes into account all sorts of customer interactions, feedback, social media responses on products/services, it plays a vital role in aiding marketing analysis and strategy formulation.
  • Contemporary advanced ECM solutions can also provide information about the taxonomic background of a content i.e it can filter the source and pathways the said content has passed through.
  • Comprehensive web content management and digital asset management is a part of ECM solution that helps companies to keep a surveillance on the usage of their digital content.

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