6 reasons of Sales Force being the King

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Keeping the top position in CRM market consecutively for three years cannot happen without any reason. Customer Relationship Management is never better with any other software of the genre. Last year a survey conducted by G2 enquired about its popularity and 84% respondents, the consistent users of Sales Force, opted to recommend it to their peers.

It is true that unless you have an in-depth knowledge of business software and applications, how they work and what differentiate them from each other, you will take time to realise the exclusivity of Sales Force. We have tried to simplify it for you and extracted 6 key reasons that have made the software the indomitable King in CRM.

  • Sales Force solution is a cloud one which means the installation cost is zero. Multiple modifications are possible real-time from multiple devices. It is the best customer relationship management solution for the organisations switching to cost-reducing BYOD model.
  • You can access all the sales and customer related information anytime from anywhere. For entrepreneurs it means carrying the office along wherever you go and keeping a keen eye on the day-to-day sales activity and customer interactions.
  • It efficiently integrates the back office, front office and any other business application implemented within the organisation so that to facilitate easy monitoring and automation of repetitive tasks.
  • Excellent report creation and dashboard features are the factors that have made Sales Force stand apart from the others. It is as flexible as excel but far more powerful.
  • It acts like an internal search engine for an organisation. Tracking the purchase history of a customer or interactions occurred with a prospect is easy. It is a complete data source for business projection and analysis.
  • The best part is that it can create a lasting impression about the brand among the customers since it becomes easy for the representatives to track the customer history instantly and address customer issues fast.

If you want to learn more about Sales Force, please contact us anytime . We would like to guide you on how to make the most of this solution to increase your ROI.