After-sales support is important!


Many people have such misconception that a software implementation is a once and for all solution. It’s not. After-sales support is as important as the quality or functionality of the software. You need to be extra particular before buying any IT solution or assigning a custom software development job to any agency.
You should first make sure that the company’s after-sales customer service is good enough and they remain on-call in case of any urgent requirement. Many SMEs that’s why opt for a year-on-year annual contract with the developer company so that they won’t have to rush when they’ll be in need.
After-sales support includes a number of things like regular maintenance, timely software updates and replacement of parts etc. In case of customized business application, it also takes into account scaling up or down a solution.
For example, let’s assume that you run a company with 10 people and you have just implemented a custom application. Now, if three years down the line you decide to expand then you’ll require more number of PCs or laptops to be installed with the same application.
This scalability issue is the most typical after-sales requirement that is often faced by the small or medium scale businesses. It depends on the service quality and infrastructure of the IT company that how fast they can address the issue.
There are companies who take time to respond after a service request is placed. It can be due to their poor employee strength or they just aren’t agile enough. This is why you should do a little bit of research and background checking before going into contract with any agency.
Of course you would not like to keep waiting for a long time if the custom app needs urgent some modification or a version upgrade is due. It’s your right as a consumer to get the best support and there are agencies that provide after-sales service for the full life-cycle of the application.
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