Employee Referral hinders quality recruitment


If you are putting your best efforts but still not successful in recruiting the right people for your company, you should introspect to find the factors that are working against your best interests.

In fact there are certain common recruitment practices that prevent you from expanding your search for potential candidates and employee referral is one of them. After our professional encounters with a league of HR managers, we can say this is the biggest hindrance of quality recruitment.

This is a trend, which is predominant in the recruitment sector for a long time and after the rise of social media, employees have even started referring their social media friends. It is absolutely making a mess and many of the managers we spoke to expressed their utter dissatisfaction with the people they have recruited in this process.

As employees are already lured with the amount you will be paying them, they hardly consider the quality of the candidates they are referring. Of course, you are in the position to discard them but when urgent filling up of a post is required, you are bound to compromise with the quality of the recruitment.

And employees take advantage.

There is no denial of the fact that the whole concept of employee referral does not encourage the employees to put their honest efforts in finding a colleague who has all the potential and willingness to steer the organisation forward.

In most cases, they just refer without even knowing the person properly.

Our point is why should you pay an employee for recruiting a person first of all? Secondly, why should you delimit yourself this way? May be hundreds or thousands of professionals are seeking the kind of job you have in your hand and a number of them can be the best possible choice for you.

Why would you not even consider and close the deal for a second or third best?

If you want we can debate on this issue more. Contact us anytime and learn how we can help you recruit the best people for your organisation.