How is BI different from Big Data?

BI and Big Data 320 X

There is a close connection between BI and Big Data, so close that sometimes people even fail to recognise their individual identities. The problem has further been accentuated due to a number of big business IT brands offering solutions for both.

The worst mistake that people make is they think BI is synonymous to Big Data analysis.

We have a mouthful to speak on this issue but to begin with—

1.Big Data makes you inquisitive

2.BI helps you find the answers

An organisation needs both. These two business IT solutions complement each other.

Big Data takes into account all the data generated in and around the company during the course of its operation as well as all the data related to the company which may or may not be directly linked with the company process.

Can you imagine the volume of Big Data now? It stores all but the next step is far more challenging. A Big Data tool processes the raw data sets to transform the entire data into a structured and comprehensible form.

When the reports come in, you can locate the figures that seem doubtful to you. Then you shall start asking why and how.
The BI application will have the answers.

The term Business Intelligence is quite self-explanatory. It takes a stroll down your entire process, scans the data and searches for the missing links. When the links are identified, it filters the relationships between the causes and effects.

A BI analysis helps you identify the factors that are hindering your progress and makes you aware of how those are affecting the process, products and resources.
On the basis of this analysis you can restructure your operation, brainstorm on product innovation and formulate new strategies. A BI is one of the best tools for business projection and goal setting.

Many big IT brands sell BI and Big Data solutions but ideally you should customise according to the unique needs of your business ecosystem.

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