How software testing can ensure process efficiency?

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Whichever software or bespoke business application you have implemented in your enterprise that needs to go through an acid test so that you can remain assured that your business process is seamless.

All roads finally lead to the customer coop and if there’s any loophole that will adversely affect your goodwill. Ideally any business application should be tested prior to the implementation but this part is often skipped or done in a hurry only to make the entrepreneurs or process managers come to know about the defects later on.

It may occur because of the negligence and lack of expertise from the developer’s part or because of the lack of technical awareness of the enterprise crew. This is where software testing and quality assurance checking can help.

It can identify whether there’s any defect in the application. It’s a systematic approach of evaluating applications and suggesting changes required so that the process efficiency can be increased. It’s done in six steps–

Step 1

The existing process, product, target audience and customer base are examined to find out the basic requirements that are needed to make the application optimum for the organisation.

Step 2

To evaluate whether the existing application is up to the mark, certain testing tools are decided on the basis of the findings of step 1.

Step 3

Testing is executed by applying the tools and keeping focus on a detailed informative assessment.

Step 4

The assessment lets the Quality Assurance professional identify the problem areas and he then chalks out a defect management plan.

Step 5

The plans and suggestions are presented to the entrepreneur along with the assessment report of Step 3.

Step 6

Once the entrepreneur agrees, the changes are implemented in the application.

Step 7

A final rechecking is done to make sure that the application is flawless, streamlined and optimally aligned with the process.

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