How to fight back the challenges of software implementation

Implementing a new software in an organisation poses a number of challenges. The entire operational architecture of the company needs to be aligned with the new system. That’s an exhaustive and complex process. But we always need to fight back—

To keep the burner on

The biggest challenge becomes to keep the business process running without any interruption while the implementation is going on in the back end. Although the level of complexity differs from project to project with respect to the versatility of the software, employee strength and the scale of business operation, some sort of interferences are likely to arise in any case.

The best way to deal with this is to train people, bit by bit, in daily or weekly sessions. The entire internal team should be aware of all the dos and don’ts and learn to adapt to the new process. The software solution provider and the internal IT team needs to work in collaboration to chalk out the orientation programme plan.

The mammoth task of data entry

It’s too lengthy a process and does involve certain amount of risk. If handled by less experienced people, there is a possibility of loss of important data, erroneous entries and incomplete entries as well. It requires patience, perseverance and of course precision to migrate data to the new software system.

There’s only one way to fight back this challenge— hiring a good IT agency so that you can be rest assured that the data migration will take place without a glitch.

Way too long

It’s not like installing office suite in a personal computer. The process can linger for months. Then again it depends on the size of the company and the kind of operation they are involved in. For example, software implementation takes longer time in manufacturing companies than in service sector ones.

Besides, any multi-functional integrated software like ERP will take months to be implemented. Using a cloud solution can pace it up but that too requires good guidance and consultancy.

There can be more number of minor challenges which are company specific. If you want to discuss over it, reach out anytime and learn how we can help you implement a new software in your organisation.