How can you impress customers with a CRM system?

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Maybe you too had been a victim of ‘on hold’ syndrome that took you nowhere. Do you want to let it happen with your customers? We know that the answer will be ‘no’ but we are wondering what initiatives you have taken to establish a good customer service architecture within your organisation.

You probably have heard of Sales Force or read about CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems somewhere but never been that serious to do some research.

The fact is a good CRM can actually boost your business. It helps you impress your customers in such a manner that they shall never think of leaving you.

Let us take a look how—

1. A CRM system lets you manage all sorts of customer data in a single database. It is easy to track the history of a customer, his/her KYC, past transactions, invoices, payments and what not. Whenever he/she will call, the representative will have the details only a click away and the customer will not have to be put ‘on hold’.

2. Customers always feel impressed when they see that the company has kept all the information systematically lined up and the retrieval process is fast. A CRM ensures that and improves your brand image. You can also earn new leads.

3. If you run an agency channel or have a league of on-field customer service executives then a good CRM helps them to chat, do video conferencing and create templates to store call scripts at ease. Since they can share updates on the fly with multiple departments at a time, customer operation gets smarter.

4. Sending wish messages or offer messages becomes easy in a CRM. This is important to retain customers. They feel good, feel important and feel more likely to remain loyal to you.

5. The best part of this system is that you can work upon customer complaints fast. Since you will have all the related information on the tip of your fingers, deploying teams or assigning people to solve problems can be done quickly. A company that addresses customer issues fast and gets the jobs done as early as possible becomes a favourite.

6. To make customer experiences better, you can even think of a knowledge management portal within a CRM system. On those portals, customers can help themselves. You can load the portals with FAQs and useful contents. Buyers are getting more and more info-savvy nowadays. Some of them can act smart even. They will first visit the portal, learn the things and then call up the customer service desk to flaunt how well-informed they are. That too will work in your favour.

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