Quality Recruitment is a big challenge in UK

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The World Economy will see an accelerated growth spree and high-income economies will contribute up to 50% to the global growth as projected by The World Bank. The Economic Prospects report published by the bank last year clearly indicated that a new vigorous phase of economic growth is going to unfold in 2015 which will continue for the next couple of years.

Although this has already set in motion a renewed recruitment drive in UK and other European countries, quality recruitment has become a challenging issue. A hunt for experts and skilled professionals is on the rise across different sectors like Banking, Insurance, Retail, Telecom, Pharma etc.

Some new age recruitment trends like talent branding has made it obvious that now the companies are fighting for their market shares as an employer too. Competitive waging has increased considerably and further enhanced the challenge.

While the able professionals are the gainers of this scenario, it has become difficult for many companies to cope up with this highly competitive recruitment environment.

A dearth of human resource is one of the most fundamental challenges an enterprise can face. In an accelerated economic growth period like this where the brands are supposed to put their full focus on research, marketing and innovation, many of them are devoting a considerable proportion of their total man-hour in tapping suitable candidates.

Of course, right candidates are the pillars of success for a business but wasting man-hour is not a solution. The gap between active and passive candidates are gradually diminishing as professionals today are more inclined to enroll themselves with the placement agencies.

This helps them sort through a number of options at a time and decide on the best.

If you are seeking quality recruitment and not happy with the developments so far, please feel free to contact us and learn how we can help you.