Scalability of IT solutions: Why is it required?

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Scalability is an aspect or rather a functional quality of a system, software or solution. A system that can accommodate expansion without hampering the existing workflow and ensure an increase in the output or efficiency of the process, is a scalable system.

Every business organisation needs to implement one or more IT solutions and if those are not scalable enough that will not only create problems in the everyday business operation but will also hinder the overall growth of the company.

It’s highly important for a business organisation to enquire about the scalability of a solution before buying it or before signing the final contract for a custom application development. The degree and nature of scalability depends on the unique requirements of the company, its products, processes and business goals.

An IT solution is nothing but a system configured with a set of algorithms, protocols and programs. When it is designed to serve a business organisation it has to be flexible enough to adapt to any kind of scale up and scale out process.

Scaling out or horizontal expansion refers to adding more number of nodes to the system which occurs when an organisation adds more number of computers or upgrade to a multiple server system. The software implemented should allow these addition-alterations and also be able to integrate different kind of devices, be it a tablet, palmtop or PC.

Scaling up means vertical expansion or upgrading a single node. The most typical is adding to the storage capacity or memory of a single computer. In any case the scalability of the application should be such that it does not increase the variable costs involved and reduce the contribution margin as well.

A business IT application with good scalability will create zero to no impact on the variable costs. It entirely depends on the expertise of the application developer and the strategic aptitude of the solution designer. With their combined efforts, an ideal solution can be produced for the company.

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