Shortage of IT Skills in Europe


There is no doubt that Europe is in the race to become a new global IT services powerhouse. According to a report of Business Wire, Europe’s IT services market is expected to reach $318 billion by the end of 2020. The entire Europe continent is growing rapidly in the cloud market and IOT (Internet of things) technology.

There are countless small-big IT companies in Europe that are doing great. But still, we see a heavy shortage of IT resources across the EU. And for that reason, the need for companies with relevant Information Technology solutions has grown to a great extent in Europe.
Why Europe has a shortage of technical resources?
In the current technology era, every business needs an access to IT professionals and solutions to stay in the competition, but we see startups and small businesses in Europe are not able to find the right skilled resources in the market because of a heavy shortage. And the resources that are available are too expensive to buy.

According to a recent statistics of Eurostat, more than 40% of companies looking to hire ICT professionals across the continent reported challenges in finding skilled technical resources. This dearth of skilled resources is affecting the economic growth and employment.

A few of the important questions that arise here are; why the Europe has such a huge shortage of technical resources? Why the entire continent has that little ICT talent? Well! there are two major factors that most experts find contributing to it.

The very first one is Europe is not producing enough IT professionals in comparison to other continents. The second one is competence mismatch that has spread across all sectors.

As a result, the digitalisation of Europe’s society is demanding for intense changes in conventional job dynamics and working conditions. Currently, Europe is in the great need of right-skilled resources so that further skill gap can be avoided in the future.

However, it seems difficult until IT companies don’t supply the right resources and in-house consultants to help people. You will be surprised to know that until recently, EU had no mutual understanding on how to express digital/technical competencies of a person, thanks to different types of certifications, courses and qualifications that made it more difficult for companies and individuals to find a professional IT consultant as per the needs.
How to deal with the Situation?
One of the effective ways to come out of this trouble is that as an organization, you should look for platforms that provide competent IT professionals.

It would be a better idea to hire IT professionals from a firm that has hands-on experience in providing IT solutions. Because a regular recruitment company that is not specialized in IT services itself would not be that much familiar with what an employer is looking for. So, how they will help an employer get the right skilled candidates?

We see many regular recruitment companies fail to provide ideal IT professionals because they have no idea about what new is happening in the IT world and what potential or IT skills a candidate must have to match the employer’s requirements.

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