The 7 A’s of ideal recruitment


It does not matter whether a person holds degrees from prestigious institutions or has worked for some of the superbrands, you need to make sure that he/she is ideal for your organisation. Recruitment is one of the most challenging tasks for the HR managers.

Requirements differ in terms of the job profiles but there are certain basic traits that you can look for. Go through this checklist of 7 A’s and tailor the list according to your need.

1. Assertive

Being assertive is being confident. But some people overdo and behave in an aggressive manner. While looking for this trait, you need to judge whether the person can maintain a perfect balance between showiness and humility.

2. Attentive

He/She needs to be a good listener first and take note of the details. While interviewing, do figure out whether the person is attentive to what you speak, do or ask.

3. Ambitious

Whichever post you are filling up, the person needs to be ambitious. Most of the interviews end with “Where do you want to see yourself 5 years down the line?” This has a purpose. If the person does not have any ambition for himself/herself, it is very likely that he/she would not give 100% on the job.

4. A man/woman of word

This you may not be able to test during the course of the interview but it needs to be done on the background checking phase. Always remember that no one can be 100% honest. Let us come out of those fairy tale ideas. Do you want a marketing person to be completely honest with your clients? That will be a disaster.

Do check whether he/she keeps commitments, not only on the professional front but also in personal life. If so, you can be rest assured that the jobs assigned would be completed within the deadlines.

5. Adaptive

This is one of the must-have traits since the person needs to fit himself/herself within the organisation. It is his/her duty, with or without the support of the colleagues or the HR department.

6. Accommodating
Everyone in the organisation needs to be so, specially people who manage teams. That team may be comprised of egotist, tardy, inattentive people or there may be liars, fools and bullies. He/she needs to overlook all these negative traits and be able to bring out the professional best from them.

7. Active

He/She should be full of energy and that needs to reflect in his body language. But there is a thin line between being active and being restless. Judge that.

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