The advantages of implementing Oracle ERP suite

implementing Oracle ERP suite -

Oracle and SAP are two premier contenders in ERP market. Although SAP has got the largest market share, Oracle is firmly occupying the second place. Both the suites come with their unique set of USPs and benefits. CIOs often find themselves in confusion since it is truly difficult to make a choice.

Below are the advantages which Oracle ERP suite  comes along–

  • Oracle is known for ‘unbreakable’ security and all the Oracle Apps are covered by the robust role based security system.
  • The implementation risk of Oracle ERP is lesser than that of SAP. The ‘2014 Clash of the Titans’ report by Panorama Consulting has indicated that implementation failures occur more in SAP than Oracle, according to customers’ feedback.
  • Speaking about the implementation cost, it is way less than SAP. On an average, Oracle customers usually need to pay 1.7% of their total annual revenues for implementation.
  • Oracle ERP allows customization which is one of its best USPs. Customers can modify certain aspects to suit their specific requirements with the help of an expert or an Oracle consultant company.
  • Since more and more organisations are adopting cloud technology, both Oracle and SAP have launched their cloud solutions but according to the general market feedback, Oracle has been more successful to make their customers upgrade the ERP solutions into cloud format.
  • Oracle ERP suite adopts fast with the latest legal and technological standards that keep arising from time to time. This is one of the areas where they have got an edge over SAP.
  • It has got a great UI which is functional and user-friendly.
  • Since it is based on the database technology, it integrates everything inside a single database and so report creation is fast and report sharing is swift.

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