Top 4 quality recruitment challenges in the UK

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Last year, The Guardian reported that almost 50% of the UK companies were planning to expand their employee base in 2015. The report published almost at the end of the last year also predicted pay rises, more job confirmations and projected a very hopeful picture of the UK job market.

Almost a quarter past, how many of those companies that wanted to hire new people have actually succeeded in doing so? While we are awaiting more surveys and reports let us take a quick look on the top 4 quality recruitment challenges.


Poor Initial Screening

The initial screening of the applications is the very first step towards quality recruitment but most of the time it is done casually. Many companies allot this job to the junior HR executives since HR managers can hardly get time to go through each and every candidature when the number of applications are huge. With all due respect to the abilities of these junior executives, many a times lack of experience makes them discard applicants who could have been the right choice for the posts.

Referral Hiring

This can be a boon or this can be a bane too and it differs from case to case. Many entrepreneurs we have spoken to expressed their utter disgust with the people whom they had recruited through employee referrals and this is most common with the SMEs. Hiring decision-makers of these companies sometimes rely a little too much on people who are working with them for a long time and that does not bring good results.

Too Many Options

There is a trend which we are watching for quite some time now that often candidates become confused with too many options. Many people we have interviewed so far, have told us that they had profiles on at least 10 job sites and everyday got their mailboxes overflowed with too many offers. In utter confusion, they used to check none. May be by doing so they missed some golden opportunities and of course the companies missed exactly the kind of people they were looking for.

Social Media

Social Media is playing a very tricky role in recruitment. On one hand there is ‘talent branding’ which has made recruitment a highly competitive affair. On the other, the uber-cool approach of recruiting from social media networks may seem right for boutique companies, creative agencies, PR and event management companies but this absolutely does not work for those who are the big fishes in the pond.

There are many other minor challenges and may be you have faced a number of them. If you feel a lot more can be discussed please reach us anytime and learn how we can help you recruit the right people for your organisation.