What is Enterprise Content Management?

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Enterprise content management or ECM is a term that emerged in the Millennium year. It refers to a systematic approach of storing and managing all sorts of content related to the organisation, either internally generated or externally, with the help of software technology.

An enterprise is an embodiment of an integrated data set and a pile of contents. The rest is only a complex web of links, developed between these two pillars. Many of these links can be short-lived but the pillars need to stand strong in order to provide the necessary support to the process.

Only a streamlined data management system is not enough for an organisation. It should be complemented by an efficient method that can manage and store all sorts of content information related to the organisation. This information can be in a piece of paper, in an electronic file or in digital format.

Before the age of internet the sources of content generation for an enterprise were limited and hardly there was anything else beyond the hard copy documents, records, news clips, advertisements and letters. Today, even a tweet or a post on the Facebook Fan Page is considered as a part of company content.

Web has opened the window for a complex variety of content generation, either by the company itself or by its customers, associates, prospects and so on. For a contemporary enterprise it is more than difficult to keep track of all these contents without a competent methodology.

This is where ECM can provide an indispensable support to an organisation.

It aims to keep record of the full life-cycle of every information generated in the course of operation or by any kind of external participation. A full life-cycle includes the creation or publication of content, its processing, archival to final disposal.

Often ECM is integrated with BI and other processes for the convenience of management and strategy wing.

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