What is SCRUM?


Check any random software development site and you shall stumble upon this term. A one-liner of the term— SCRUM is an agile model of software development.

This will hardly make any sense to you if you are not from the trade.
Scrum is nothing but a methodology that makes software development fast and flexible.
The term has been taken from Rugby where it refers to a tight formation of players with their heads down, the position which is very typical to the game, when players strive to get the possession of the ball.
The objective remains the same in case of software development. Instead of a traditional sequential approach, in Scrum, a cross-functional team works across a number of overlapping phases.
They pass the ball back and forth during the course of development, making the process faster and making provisions to incorporate changes at any point of time, as and when requested by the client.
That is the best part of Scrum. It always puts the client first. This is why those who seek custom software development tend to prefer agencies that work in Scrum.
Clients do change minds or come up with a new feature to be included and Scrum makes it easy to implement. This becomes possible because this model is absolutely priority-driven.
The moment client asks for any reprioritization, Scrum allows immediate implementation without hampering the work-flow.
Besides, this approach is based on team transparency which increases productivity and reduce errors. A project is accomplished through a number of sprints.
At the end of each sprint, there is a default review process that allows team members to recheck for errors and discuss over improvement.
At the same time, Scrum gets the client connected to the developers and other stakeholders during the development phase. This helps him to keep everything under his supervision and suggest modifications whenever he feels like.
This real-time collaborative approach makes Scrum smarter than the other traditional approaches and a wise choice for those who want to get things done quickly.

If you want to know more about Scrum, please reach out to us anytime and learn how we can help you develop custom software for your organisation with the help of this model.