Why do the entrepreneurs worry so much about recruitment?

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It is the human resource that holds the key to success for a business. There is no point in taking pride in superior-grade stocks or a seamless structure of operation, if the people who run the course are not efficient enough for the process.

Quality recruitment that is why will remain a consistent concern, if not a consistent challenge. It is in fact very much expected from the entrepreneurs to feel worried about the people who are being recruited to their companies and the process of assessment that has filtered these candidates from a pile of applications.

The final selection of course lies in their hands or is done by the core and key players of the company. But before the candidates appear in front of them, they need to pass through three to four stages including the one where the junior HR executive is assigned to prepare a shortlist.

We have come across a couple of HR managers who expressed their doubts on the merit of the shortlists prepared by their juniors. HR managers do have a number of chores to finish apart from recruitment and it is quite impossible for them to scrutinize each and every resume at the initial stage.

They have to depend on their colleagues in anticipation that they will push forward CVs that are seemingly most potential for the job profile but the fact is many of these lists do exclude ideal candidates. Almost all the entrepreneurs are aware of this and it is very likely of them to feel sceptical about the quality of recruitment.

There are many metrics to find a suitable candidate and there is no simple, universal equation to follow. It changes from sector to sector, scale to scale without excluding one of the most important factors– is the candidate appropriate for the kind of culture or environment you have in your organisation?

If not, one bad apple can spoil the bunch.

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