Why do the Fortune 500 companies depend on SAP?

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SAP (Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing) is invincible in the Fortune 500 market since 80% of such companies cannot think of anything else. Ranked 25 at the ‘World’s most valuable brands’ list by Forbes, SAP has gone beyond the basic deliverable of simple ERP to a more service-oriented architecture so that to provide adaptive business solutions to the enterprises.

SAP has expanded its portfolio with the new cloud-integrated applications in order to ensure that its customers can enjoy the virtues of SAP on cloud platforms. This futuristic step has further secured its place in the ERP market, where it has continued to remain at the top for years now.

When a company is known to be ‘The Choice’ for Fortune 500 organisations, there should be a few solid reasons–

  • SAP is absolutely a cost-effective solution. It brings all the modules of business operation within a single-bracket and streamlined process, aligned with the goals and strategies of the organisation. It saves man-hour considerably and reduce operations cost.
  • Customized business solution is the core theme of SAP. No SAP implementation occurs without a detailed case study. At the ‘As-Is’ stage SAP experts examine the existing process and then suggest the implementation plan, tailored for the company so that it can elevate to the ‘To-Be’ stage, the future state of that very business. SAP helps the companies to bridge the gap.
  • SAP develops a centralized business operation that passes through all the verticals so that to facilitate a completely data-empowered corporate governance. It makes the entire process transparent, prevents tampering and improves financial management.
  • Data needs to be entered only once in a SAP environment. Further movement of the data across various modules and channels is automated by the workflows, specifically chosen at the implementation stage.
  • SAP enables the companies to reduce their IT spending by eliminating the needs of third-party software purchase.
  • It optimizes the business process, makes it agile and reduce risks. It provides the entrepreneurs a complete control over the operation and instant access to the latest data updates.

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