Strategy & Process Consulting 

Customised and collaborative recruiting Consultation  

Strategy and Process Consulting

We are a specialised management consulting and training company whose sole objective is to assist businesses in improving their hiring practices.

Our team works closely with you – heads of talent acquisition or HR – to clarify your hiring criteria, develop personalised interview guides, enhance your strategies and procedures, explain why top talent should join your company, and improve the effectiveness of your recruiters and hiring managers.

All of our work begins with deliverables that are precisely specified and are based on your goals.

We’ve received trust from some of the world’s largest, most complex, and well-known enterprises as well as startups that are only setting up their foundations and recruitment cultures. Our projects can be scaled up or down to provide you with exactly what you require.

Our team works

Strategy, Organizational Model, and Process Consultancy 

Organizational Model

We assist talent leaders in auditing and evaluating their present strategies, organisational structure, plans, procedures, team members’ skills, and training requirements. And throughout, we maintain a strong practitioner orientation.

If you’re looking for practical, tailored and high-quality talent solutions that are in sync with your specific culture, goals, and hiring requirements, then we should talk.

Employer Branding and Messaging 

We help you to develop your employee value proposition (EVP), which explains why top talent who is already employed by a top organization would choose to work for your business. We move past the clichés that so many EVPs suffer from to create interesting content that encapsulates who you are as a person and is catered to the personas of your target applicants.

Employer Branding and messaging help increase your ability to attract top talent through better job ads, more compelling career site content (including testimonials), and more effective selling skills of recruiters and hiring managers. It is written in an authentic tone, resonates with current employees, and is truthful and not overly aspirational.

Employer Branding and Messaging 

Talent Acquisition and Interview Guide 

Talent Acquisition and Interview Guide ​

We help companies better define their hiring criteria/barriers by developing values-based behaviors/skills that reflect the characteristics of top performers in their own culture. Then create a supplemental interview guide to help the hiring team gather evidence – through behavioral and situational interviews – that the candidate you are considering hiring will be successful in the job.

Also, what trade-offs are interviewers, hiring managers, and recruiters willing to make in their hiring decisions? What are their thoughts on diversity when hiring?

Create hiring principles that help you understand how to balance They help clarify thoughts about talent and hiring. In other words, clarify who you hire and how, and differentiate your hiring approach from other companies.