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Payroll Management

Accurate and reliable, fully managed payroll outsourcing solutions for corporates and consultants across the UK and Europe.

Corporates who work with IT and ITES contractors and contingency workers across Europe face the unique challenge of making sure that the workforce has been lawfully employed so that the company never faces any unforeseen risk.

Adroit People can make sure of this by providing the following services

PEO / EOR Services 

Hiring a person to work in a nation where you don’t have an office is challenging.  The most prominent challenges are to be conversant with all local employment laws and pay them. 

There are ways to engage professionals without hiring them on payroll or working with them on a contractual basis. Adroit People can become the legal employer and hire the talents as per your need. We not only hire and train the people for a particular project but also take in the employee on our payroll.

Whether you own or do not own a local business, Adroit People can manage payroll and take care of all the local employment laws, while your talent need is taken care of flawlessly.

EOR Services1

Payroll Services 

Payroll Management

Adroit People has been handling the payrolling for companies across Europe for a number of years. Our assistance has allowed our clients to concentrate on the core of their operations and deliver projects on time.

We help you register as a local employer if needed and engage local talent for better and quicker project completion. The main feature of this service is that the staff will remain as your employee and Adroit will just manage the payroll facility.