Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation for Your Business

Staff augmentation permits businesses to temporarily expand their team based on the need of specific skills for specific projects. Expanding the capacity of the team with specialized skills on a temporary basis for delivering projects timely to augment the existing capacity is something that most companies now do on regular basis.

 Staff augmentation is becoming ever more popular in the IT industry because of the acute shortage of specialised tech talent. According to a report by IMF, the tech talent shortage will be more than 85 million tech workers by 2030.

In this scenario by applying the staff augmentation model, organisations can leverage existing resources as well as outsourced contract workers to meet the requirements of their IT projects and keep the

What is Staff Augmentation and How it Works

Staff augmentation is a form of outsourcing service usually used for IT projects. It’s a cost-effective way to get the right talent needed for meeting the company’s goals. It usually starts with an internal analysis of your existing staff and capabilities. Thereafter the staff augmentation model is applied to hire the expertise that will fill your internal team’s gaps.

You can manage them directly or via a third party and you can also decide the length of the services needed. In most cases, staff augmentation is executed on a per-project basis instead of a long-term indefinite situation.

Top Benefits of Staff Augmentation

1.   Cost-effectiveness

Out of all the benefits, the most attractive benefit of staff augmentation is cost-effectiveness. Since the aug staff is hired on a temporary basis the organisation saves money on onboarding, bonuses, taxes, medical, training, and overall management.

IT staff augmentation empowers businesses to pay for the talent only for a fixed period. This not only helps the companies to finish projects on time but also allows them to reach broader markets and business possibilities with their extended workforce cost-effectively.

2.    Access to larger talent pools

IT staff augmentation services provide companies with a larger pool of skilled talent available worldwide. In a scenario where work is no more tied to an office chair why not get the best? It helps you compete with companies worldwide. You can incorporate global expertise and enhance your business growth. It also gives you access to the best talents with the most in-demand skills.

IT staff augmentation also allows you have a talented development team at your disposal when your business might take on a project that requires specialised skills that your existing team might not have.

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3.   Flexible Workforce

A very vital benefit of staff augmentation is workforce flexibility. This directly impacts the cost of hiring. With staff augmentation, a flexible workforce is hired for a specific period of time for a specific purpose.

As per the project need workforce can be scaled up in any part of the globe within days. The companies have the flexibility to pick the best professionals based on the need of ongoing projects. And there is no need to incur any long-term commitments with the professionals.

4.   Scalability

Staff augmentation is a solution that is fundamentally flexible and allows companies to survive in lean times. It is also best suited for companies that experience regular shifts in demand. Sometimes a project might get stuck due to a lack of a specialised in-depth skill, in such cases, staff augmentation can be a saviour. Temporary staffing gives the flexibility to deal with projects of any size. It also means that you can scale up without having to sacrifice the quality of the work.

5.   Staying ahead of the competition

Companies can leverage IT staff augmentation to stay ahead of the competition. For example, if your company plans to launch a new product into the market and you want that to happen before your competitor does it. The best way to get the project finished on time is by hiring a flexible workforce with the right talent and skills.


IT staff augmentation is gaining great popularity in the market. Most IT companies worldwide now take expert services of IT staff augmentation to gain a competitive advantage in the market and save time and money.

Adroit People Ltd UK is a professional IT staff augmentation company with more than a decade of experience in the UK and European markets. We help businesses to gain the advantages of staff augmentation and create efficiency in the process. You too can leverage these cost-effective benefits in your business and gain profitability.

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