Top 6 Resume Mistakes to Stop Making Today

It is a competitive job market. Your resume is the first impression of you as a prospective employee, so it needs to be perfect. Your resume is your chance to show the hiring manager the value you can bring to the job. An unimpressive resume never makes it past the first stage.  

 Research has shown that irrespective of how much experience you may have, many a time people never get the best jobs owing to preventable resume errors. Hence, it is vital to ensure that your CV is as outstanding and well-written as possible. 

In this article, we have highlighted 6 common mistakes to avoid when drafting a CV. They include: 

 1. Sending out a Generic Resume 

Each job has a few unique requirements. While submitting your resume for a job it is vital that you format your resume so that it relates to the job you are applying for in a very specific way. If you use a generic resume for every job application, it shows a lack of interest and connection. As per statistics, almost 250 resumes are received on average by corporates for a particular job opening. So, to stand out it is very important that you adjust the resume to fit each job description. Yes, it does mean spending some time and a bit of extra work but drafting a targeted resume helps the potential employer to understand how your education and experience can truly help them. 

2. Spelling and Grammatical errors 

 Spelling and grammatical errors are a sure turn-off for many. One study has found that 77% of resumes are rejected at the first glance by employers due to typos or bad grammar. Make sure that you check your resume multiple times before pressing the submit button. The best thing to do is to use an online spell checker and dictionary. You can also ask the help of a friend to proofread or consider getting a professional proof-reader if you can. It is also advisable to go easy with the use of colours and highlights in the resume as it takes the focus away from the main content. Always use a clear readable font and make sure that the resume is formatted in a professional manner.  

3. An unprofessional email id 

Please always use a professional email id for your job search, make one now if you don’t have one. If you are still using an outdated email service like Hotmail or AOL it’s time you get a new email id. Also using an email address that says something “007gamer@” is not at a good idea. This can be a big red flag to the employer who can perceive you as being unprofessional or maybe immature for a serious job role.   

4. Outdated or missing contact information 

Before hitting the submit button always make sure that all your contact information is up to date. Your phone number should be reachable both via calls and WhatsApp. The address must be your current place of residence and the email must be the one you check on an everyday basis. When an employer or recruiter tries to reach you and you cannot be reached or you do not reply in 24 hours it’s taken as being very unprofessional. 

 5. Too Lengthy or too short CV 

Make sure your CV is not more than 2 pages or maybe even one page for freshers who do have not much experience to showcase. Most hiring managers do not really want to go through an unnecessarily lengthy list of achievements. The best is to include your employment history, top achievements, qualifications, skills, aspirations, few hobbies, etc. as concisely as possible. 

No need to put your references and every achievement in the cv. Keep it to the point and simple and make sure to use bullet points.  

6. Using too much Jargon 

Just as jotting down an endless list of achievements and skills can be pointless in a resume, using jargon or vocabulary that is repetitive will surely lessen the impact of real information and skills that you want to showcase via a CV. Stick with actionable words. Delete all the cliché phrases and old-fashioned vocabulary that may take away from the focus on how you can fit the job you are applying for. 

 Resume mistakes are always avoidable and if needed do not shy away from taking professional help or speaking with a career expert.  

A good resume will speak volumes and help you achieve successful career growth.  

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